Harvard Educational Review Published Arts in Education Special Issue

“As we speed through the second decade of the twenty-first century, it is time to reposition our view of what counts as arts education by taking a much wider view of all of the many places where young people encounter, engage with, study, practice, and make art.”- Steve Seidel

With a forward by Steve Seidel, this special issue of the Harvard Educational Review explores “Expanding our Vision for Arts in Education.”

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“Enter this special issue of the Harvard Educational Review, a volume I hope will encourage dialogue and a sense of solidarity among the many players in this rich, vital, and ever-expanding field—youth workers, artists who teach, classroom teachers with a passion for the arts, community activists, neuroscientists, public health workers, academics, parents, and many more, but most critically, young people and adults who want to learn and grow in and through the arts.” -Steve Seidel



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