Circle Up! Conference Pre-Reading Material

So that we may truly “continue the conversation” at the Circle Up! Conference, we invite you to read these documents prior to attending.

As we consider our circles, who is in them, and how to expand them, we invite everyone to read this article:

Academics can change the world – if they stop talking only to their peers by Savo Heleta

Each thread explores a unique but inter-connected area of arts in education. We encourage you to read the material related to your thread or, if you have time and interest, read them all.

Creating Equity:

The Danger of the D word in Museums by Porchia Moore

Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Arts Management: An Exposé and Guide by Elana Muslar

Teaching ‘Black Lives Matter with Author Renee´ Watson 

“You are in the dark, in the car…” by Claudia Rankine (try listening to the poem)

VIDEO: Molly Crabapple: Locking up immigrants for profit (many more of her videos available on youtube)

Sharing Stories:

How Do We Tell Our Story by Kristen Greer-Paglia 

Why Bad Presentations Happen to Good Causes

Why Non-Profits Need to be Storytellers

Engaging All Learners:

Universal Design for Learning and the Arts by Don Glass, Anne Meyer, and David H. Rose

Cast No Evil: Artwork by Alia Ali

Deepening Practice:

A New Framework for Understanding the “Teaching Artist” Field by Eric Booth

When Kids Have Structure for Thinking, Better Learning Emerges by Katrina Schwartz

Strengthening Communities:

Jane Adams Hull-House Museum – Epiphanies and Contradictions in the Art of Slowing Down: The Porch Project

Creative Placemaking: Arts and Culture as a Partner in Community Revitalization By Tom Borrup, Ph.D.