Re-imagining Relationships Around the World


Watch this broadcast of our international panel!

Sunday, October 27, 2013, at 9:30am EST

Get the international perspective in this high tech conversation with arts educators from around the world. In a panel representing the Pacific Northwest of the USA, Singapore, India, and other locations around the world, arts educators will share how they have re-imagined relationships in their communities and across communities. Panelists join us from their home locations to compare practice and share stories from the field.

Moderated by Andrea Sachdeva

Meet the Panelists:

Srivi Kalyan (AiE 2007) works at the fluid and exciting intersection of arts, media, education, design and self-reflection. She is the Founder-Director of Fooniferse Arts Pvt.Ltd. She has authored and illustrated several children’s books as well as stories for adults and is an award winning writer and illustrator.  In a society that is constantly growing into greater violence, health issues, environmental destruction, her work in education is to build a strong voice for sustainable and compassionate living. And through the arts, she finds a way to engage people in the most important conversations they must have with themselves.

Kenneth Kwok (AiE 2007) is currently the Director of Arts & Youth at the National Arts Council of Singapore where he helps to develop arts policies and programmes for young people both in and out of the formal school structure. He is a former classroom teacher, deputy principal and assistant director of curriculum policy at the Ministry of Education. He has worked on various community arts projects over the years and also teaches Educational Drama at the National Institute of Education.

Arzu Mistry (AiE 2008) is a visual artist, educator, ecologist, and dancer. Arzu maintains a high level of dedication and enthusiasm for the arts and ecology as mediums for pedagogy, advocacy, transformation, and intervention. Her work is focused on community empowerment around issues of social injustice be it the current garbage crisis in Bangalore, Peace and Justice education with underserved populations in Oakland CA or Livelihoods programs for marginalized migrant communities in India. She has over a decade of education experience spanning varied spaces from museums to non-profits, private schools to schools for urban poor, and state offices of education to art and design colleges. Her practice centers on connecting educators, children and families with place through interdisciplinary education using memory, story, play and art making through community art /ecology projects, teacher professional development and educational research and practice. Arzu Currently works as Faculty at the Srishti School of Art design and Technology and as a Research Associate with the Project Vision Education Research Collective. She has a BFA California College of the Arts, Ed.M Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Radhika Rao (Ed. D. 2009) is an actor, writer and theatre teaching artist currently based in the San Francisco Bay area. She graduated from HGSE in 2009 with an Ed.D. in Culture, Communities, and Education, where she focused on how theatre could be used in fostering youth citizenship and transforming communities. Radhika has over 10 years of experience teaching theatre to hundreds of children, youth and adults at the school, community, and university level.