Reimagining Relationships Request for Proposals


In the arts and in education, our work is all about our relationships. To advance our work at every level—personally, artistically, in our communities, and as a field—we need to deeply reconsider and re-imagine our relationships in fundamental ways. How do the spaces, the time, and the structures of our work influence and support—or compromise—the quality of our relationships in our classrooms and workshops, our partnerships, and as a field? What do we know from making art, building community, and the complex processes of learning that can help us rethink the who, how, where, and when of our relationships?

Join Continuing the Conversation, hosted by the Arts in Education Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, in Re-imagining Relationships on October 25-27, 2013. This conference, like all CtC events, is for all those who work in the arts, education, or at the intersection of the two and who long for radical reconsideration of what this field can and should be.

We are soliciting Workshops, Installations, and Pecha Kucha presentations.

Workshops should be engaging, hands-on, and collaborative. Workshops should provide interactive ways to explore the above theme. Workshops can be 60 or 90 minutes long.

Pecha Kucha presentations are short slide presentations aimed at sharing an aspect of your work or exploring a topic as related to the above theme. Visit for more information on the format.

Installations proposals should present an idea for an installation that will fill a portion of the Gutman Conference Center (main event space) and will artistically explore the theme. The installation should provide an opportunity for participants to experience a re-imagining of the space aimed at re-imagining our relationships. All materials must be provided by the proposer. Further information regarding space can be obtained by e-mailing

As you submit your proposal please consider the following constructs:

Space: The spaces in which we work can provide both opportunities and boundaries for the enterprise of creating and maintaining the relationships essential to our work.
How do the spaces in which we work support meaningful interactions?
How do the spaces in which we work provide new or re-imagined opportunities for relationships across the field?
In what ways do the spaces we are in help to create community relationships with shared values?

Time: Time and how we use it can affect the relationships that make up the Arts in Education experiences for the teachers, learners, the community and the field.
What time do we need to make meaningful individual, community and field level relationships?
How long does it take to build stronger communities through the arts?
How can we use time more effectively to strengthen these relationships?

Structure: Relationships in our work are structured in many ways and the way they are structured can open up possibilities.
What are the ingredients to successful and sustainable partnership structures?
How can we structure our relationships in order to create meaningful learning experiences and collaborations?
What does the relationship structure of a meaningful learning experience look like?

The deadline has passed. Proposals are no longer being submitted.